Create EASI Web Project

This video shows the creation of a new local web evaluation project using the EASI (Expert Accessibility Support and Integration) tool.

These are the steps that needs to be undertaken and are shown in the video: (Note: The links included in the following text will open the video on the youtube web page.)

  • To create a new local web evaluation project the user first needs to login and select the "Developer" role.
  • After the user has logged in and selected the role she needs to enter the project name. The URL where the project will be located on the test server will be generated automatically .
  • A new project will be created in the local working directory of the user including a configuration file where further settings can be applied. In addition to that a blank HTML page and a blank CSS file are generated as well.
  • When the user opens the generated HTML page it automatically opens in the EASI web editor.
  • When the user makes changes to the source code of the HTML page and saves it, those changes are synchronized with a web server (in the cloud), a browser window is opened (if not already open) and the user sees the preview of the page inside that browser window.
  • In the video the user inserts a login form to the HTML source code including labels and text fields for the user name and the password.

Note: this video is part of a more complex use case which includes three videos:

  1. Create EASI Web Project
  2. Automatically Test EASI Web Project
  3. Manually Test EASI Web Project