EASI Web Accessibility Expert Perspective

This video shows how to create a test sample of web pages and how to evaluate this test sample in regarding the accessibility using the EASI (Expert Accessibility Support and Integration) tool.

These are the steps that needs to be undertaken and are shown in the video: (Note: The links included in the following text will open the video on the youtube web page.)

  • First the user needs to open the "Web Expert Evaluator" perspective. This perspective consists of different components related to the use cases of Accessibility Experts, among them one displaying the test sample, i.e. a list of URLs that the expert wants to evaluate for accessibility.
  • From the main menu the user can select the dialog for opening a new web page with the build-in web browser. After entering the URL in that dialog a browser window is opened inside the EASI tool displaying the requested web page.
  • In the toolbar of that browser window the user has the possibility to add the current web page to the test sample.
  • This way the user can browse the web site in the browser and add single web pages to the test sample. In the video three web pages are added to the test sample using this option.
  • Alternatively the user can add URLs manually by using the provided text field inside the "Test sample" view.
  • When the user is finished with the test sample generation she needs to specify the tests that should be performed on the web pages in the test sample. These tests include:
    • Tests grouped by the type of content they apply to, e.g. all tests related to forms, to images, to tables, to links and so on.
    • Tests related to search engine optimization.
    • Tests implementing WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0).

    In the video the user selects the tests related to forms.
  • Note: Optionally the user can select only a subset of web pages in the test sample for evaluation.
  • The evaluation is started by clicking the button "Validate selected".
  • When the evaluation is finished the test results are displayed in a separate view at the bottom of the perspective. This view shows the results grouped by web page. That means for every tested web page there is a list of test results. Each test result contains information about the outcome of the test (passed, failed, cannot be tested automatically or not applicable) and a detailed message that explains the purpose of the test. Clicking on a single result will open the related web page in the current browser window and highlight the element related to the evaluation result.