EASI Web Commissioner Perspective

This video shows how to review and analyze accessibility evaluations of web pages performed by web expert evaluators. It shows how to narrow down the selection of evaluations available for viewing, select a specific evaluation, understand its overview as well as inspect the specific problems that were found.

These are the steps that need to be undertaken and are shown in the video: (Note: The links included in the following text will open the video on the youtube web page.)

  • The user can narrow down the number of evaluations displayed in the Evaluation List tab by selecting the evaluation time frame. Begin and end dates have to be confirmed with the "Select" button.
  • The user can then select individual evaluations for further analysis. The selection is confirmed with the "Show selected" button.
  • Basic information about the evaluations can be viewed in the My Websites tab, together with a graphic representation of their timeline. The user can select any evaluation in the list to see its overview.
  • The Overview tab opens. It contains graphs showing accessibility problem distribution by page, by problem and by severity. The bubble graph combines information about the total number of problems and their severity for each page that was evaluated. The user can view individual problems by selecting �View problems�.
  • The Problems tab opens. It contains a list of accessibility problems grouped by page, by problem and by severity. The user can toggle among ways of grouping using the three radio buttons.