• The i2web project was presented at the workshop “Research for Independent Ageing. User modelling and context-senstive services”  held in Bonn 26 April 2013. With an audience of around 50 participants coming from industry, academia and user organisations, a set of.European and German-funded projects were presented.
  • i2web presented «How can developers develop Future Internet / Web 2.0 interactive services that are accessible to all users on all devices, and meet the  required eAccessiblity standards» at the Internet of Services Collaboration Meeting (Brussels, 16-17 October 2012) in the session "Participatory Service Design".
  • i2web presented the paper «Model Based Simulation and Evaluation of Mobile and Web 2.0 Applications for Users with Special Needs» at the Doctoral Consortium of the 12th International Conference on Web Engineering ICWE 2012 (Berlin, 23-27 July 2012).
  • Local Government Association’s annual conference (Birmingham, 26-28 June 2012). public-i presented there its new software developments and distribute information about the i2web project.
  • i2web  participated to the webinos Launch Day (19 June 2012, Ghent) aiming at taking part into the design of future Internet by contributing to standards and implementations. webinos seems a promising platform for machine to machine interaction on the level of service for enabling the transparent user experience roaming between different devices. We discussed with some webinos team members how to contribute our expertise on user-device-application-context modeling, personalization, dynamic adaptation and e-Accessibility to their platform.
  • 9th International Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Web Accessibility, W4A 2012, “The Web of Data and Web Accessibility” co-located with the 21st International World Wide Web Conference, WWW2012 in Lyon, France, 16-17 April 2012. i2web presented the paper «Developing A Semantic User And Device Modeling Framework That Supports UI Adaptability Of Web 2.0 Applications For People With Special Needs», authored by Philip Ackermann, Carlos A. Velasco, Christopher Power, Yehya Mohamad and Jaroslav Pullmann. Our presentation is available for download.
  • SEQUOIA Final Conference and Workshop on Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of ICT R&D projects (13 March 2012, Brussels). i2web, as one of 5 projects that scored highest in terms of potential socio-economic impacts, made a presentation at the Conference.
  • i2web participated to the First WAI-ACT Open Meeting (14 February 2012, Brussels), exploring collaboration opportunities with the e-accessibility community and introducing the project objectives and results.
  • Internet of Services Collaboration Meeting (Brussels, 28-29 September 2011). i2web led an eAccessibility session in the Service Front Ends, Working Group. See and