Polymedia / POLY

Logo Polymedia Polymedia will integrate the tools developed in I2Web in its Media Asset and Content Management System. Polymedia will also lead the integration workpackage with the aim of creating prototypes for test cases, the company will coordinate the implemantation efforts and the feedbacks received from the evaluation steps to support iterative approach to prototype development. Moreover POLY will take care of the exploitation and dissemination activities of the developed prototype.


Polymedia is an italian company leader in the European market as software vendor and integrator, specialized in Media & Channel Integration, with more than 10 years track record of successful business with Broadcasters and Media & Telco leaders.

Polymedia is part of the KIT digital group, the world's leading provider of end-to-end IP video solutions with more than 2000 Customers in more than 40 countries.

The Polymedia offering includes comprehensive Multi-channel Content and Digital Asset Management products, solutions and services enabling innovative new media business.

Core of the offering is Polymedia Video, a complete software suite managing the whole life-cycle of rich contents and video: ingestion from heterogeneous sources, multi-layer archiving and searching, multi-media editing, video transcoding and DRM protection (Polymedia Guard), publication on a variety of distribution channels and devices (Web, OTTV, IPTV, ConnectedTV, Mobile, Smartphones, Tablets, GameConsoles, Digital Kiosks…). Polymedia Video allows to reduce operating costs and maximize the flexibility to follow the evolution of new media business needs.

Media in a Box, is the head-end integrated Multi-screen Online TV software solution specifically designed to enable media companies to rapidly setup an effective online presence, managing digital products for WebTv, Catch-up TV, Digital Content Store and Video advertising on new media channels in a simple and effective way.
The combination of flexible AD templates with Interactive Dynamic Video Advertising and Business Intelligence features, allows to monitor the consumer behavior and to exploit it for a reactive tuning of campaigns, placement and pricing.
Media in a Box allows to sharpen, simplify and monetize online video and communities through audience engagement and video advertising. Innovative solutions based on Media in a Box enable Realtime Live-to-Vod Catch-up, Multi-channel Video-driven E-commerce and Promotion, Performance and Interactive Advertising.

The latest solution, TVSocial, integrates the personal dimension of TV with the social and interactive dimension of smartphones and tablets.

Long term relationships and proactive contribution to continue innovation, distinguish the cooperation of Polymedia with all its customers, leaders in their respective Industries, as listed below:

  • Broadcasters: Mediaset (free), Mediaset Premium, RAI, La7 (Italy); Telecinco (Spain) SKY DE (Germany)
  • Telcos: Belgacom Skynet (Belgium), FastWeb (Swisscom Group), Telecom Italia, Vodafone Italia, H3G (Italy)
  • Media Groups: RCS Media Group, RCS Digital, De Agostini, Il Sole24 ore, Mondadori, ADN Kronos, Amodei Group, ANSA, (Italy), Guardian Media Group Regional (UK)
  • Advertising Agencies and Directories: Publitalia '80, Seat Pagine Gialle
  • P.A. and Industries: SEA Milan Airports, ADR Rome Airports, F.I.L.A.S., S.I.A.E. F.I.G.C, Enel
  • Show Business: Simona Ventura

Polymedia has its own R&D labs in Milan and a dedicated server farm carrier grade, through which it provides Business Applications and Managed Services covering content aggregation, application and system management, 24x7 help desk for business critical solutions. A Network of International Integration Partners and the consolidated implementation methodology guarantee effective delivery and support in all European countries, both directly and through the partner channel.
The R&D labs are in charge of medium-to-long term research activities and is / has recently been active in several collaboration projects at National and European level: ELLIOT- Experiential Living Lab for the Internet of Things, IKS - Interactive Knowledge Stack for small to medium CMS/KMS providers, NoTube - Making television more personal, NEXES - Supporting Healthier and Independent Living for Chronic Patients and Elderly, PERIPHÈRIA - Networked smart peripheral cities for sustainable lifestyles, IMPULSO - Integrated Multimodal Platform for Urban and extra urban Logistic System Optimization.