Public-i logo Public-i Group Ltd was incorporated in May 2000 and has an objective to provide public organisations or communities with effective technology to deliver local engagement within Europe. The core philosophy of the Company is that participation is at the core of democratic local government. The Company has developed, in conjunction with Local Authorities, a range of specific tools and services that enable Local Authorities to engage with their communities.

The Public-i suite of tools and services start with the premise that Local Authorities need to provide clear, accessible, informative and transparent communication as a foundation for eParticipation. We achieve this through the offering of a range of best practice tools from webcasting, online petitions, discussion forums and other formal and informal democratic engagement tools. The Company is also employing web 2.0 functionality to enable their clients to move into the social networking spaces.

The hardware and software suites have been designed specifically to facilitate the ease of operation by Local Authority staff minimising the resource impact and removing the need for dedicated technical staff thus ensuring their sustainability.

The Company has also extended its brand “Public–i” to provide an umbrella for a range of services and tools developed specifically for the public sector by a federation of other smaller companies. These include: transcription of meetings; translation (especially pertinent for dual or multi-lingual local authorities which are found throughout Europe); councillor websites; on-line polling; and, on line consulting.

Democratic webcasting of formal live content is now a well established, proven medium, with a significant number of Local Authorities webcasting regularly and with many more using the technology for specific events. The general acceptance of video on the web now means that the public sector can implement the use of video much more extensively to compliment their strategic communications.